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Project Development

Wind, battery diesel hybrid electricity supply is a good example of a type of system that combines the best of the second and third pillar of the trias energetica: when possible, the wind turbine provides clean energy, access energy can be stored in the batteries, and when there is no wind and the batteries are low, the diesel can use the fossil fuels in an efficient way by running in its most efficient power point.

Clear Resource can develop a whole project for you. Depending on the energy needs and the available resources a design is made and the project is build to your demands.

Wind diesel fish farm

Clear Resource was approached by a fish farm in the Caribbean. This farm was connected to the grid, but the grid was so unreliable that a diesel backup was working full hours in order to keep the pumps working. In order to reduce the diesel costs, a project was developed in which a 250 kW wind turbine assisted in the energy supply. And because of the reliable wind speeds, the return on investment was only 4 years.